Smokin Booty Rubs Gift Pack

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Smokin Booty Rubs Gift Pack
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Spice Rubs

Features of the Rub Your Butt BBQ Rub Gift Pack:

  • Gift Pack includes 1 x bottle of KC Butt Spice, 1 x bottle of Pig's Ass Rub and 1 x bottle of Rub Some Butt
  • KC Butt Spice (Sweet, smoky KC style rub - blend generously rubbed onto pork, beef or chicken)
  • Pig's Ass Rub (Blend of spices created for the perfect grill seasoning - ideal of steaks, pork, chicken and seafood)
  • Rub Some Butt (Perfect for pulled pork, ribs and chicken - made up of some of the best ingredients found in the coastal Carolinas)