Sheridan Trenton Towels (Pumice)

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Sheridan Trenton Towels (Pumice)
Sheridan Trenton Towels (Pumice)
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Combining quick-drying technology and ultimate softness, the Sheridan Living Textures Trenton Towel collection has been crafted from 100% cotton and feature a contemporary ribbed pattern. Created with Hygro™ technology, the special spinning technique captures water faster, increasing its absorbency, whilst maintaining the lavishly soft feel of a luxury towel. 

Sheridan's Trenton towels have been crafted using premium materials from around the world. They source only the optimum long staple cottons and weaves, ensuring their end product is of the highest quality. Partnering with experts in the craft to create our towels, each towel is specially constructed using only the best suppliers and mills. 

All of Sheridan's towels are tested well beyond industry standard, instead of the required three test washes, they test wash and dry their towels 100 times before going to market. That’s why, once their towels reach customers hands, we know they’ve been crafted to stand the test of time. 


The Bath Towel Pack includes 2 x Bath Towels, 1 x Hand Towel and 1 x Face Washer

The Bath Sheets Pack includes 2 x Bath Sheets, 1 x Hand Towel and 1 x Face Washer

The Bath Mat is sold individually


Features of the Sheridan Trenton Towels (Pumice):

  • Face Washer (640gsm) 33 x 33cm
  • Hand Towel (670gsm) 45 x 65cm
  • Bath Towel (670gsm) 69 x 140cm
  • Bath Sheet (670gsm) 91 x 167cm
  • Bath Mat (1000gsm) 60 x 80cm

*Please allow for a 5% variance in gsm


  • Tip: Sheridan recommends a 40ºC gentle wash for their towels, using mild detergents such as those with a eucalyptus base. Detergents containing optical brightening agents help to keep white towels whiter but for colour, they recommend oxgen or colour-safe bleach.
  • NOTE: Colours are representative only. Due to the variation in screen outputs, we cannot guarantee that the colour of the product viewed on your screen is identical when viewed in person. Slight variations may also exist between different batches of towels and we cannot guarantee that the colours we supply will match towels purchased previously.