Rabbit Stainless Steel Wine Preserver

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Rabbit Stainless Steel Wine Preserver

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Wine Preservers

Features of the Rabbit Stainless Steel Wine Preserver:

  • The Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Preserver by Rabbit is designed to preserve the flavour and quality of opened wine for up to two weeks
  • To use, simply insert the stopper into the opened bottle of the wine and attach the hand pump to use
  • The Push Button Stoppers create a seal when the vacuum pump is used, removing the air from the bottle, preserving your wine and allowing you to enjoy another day
  • To re-open the bottle, simply press the button on the top of the stopper to remove the vacuum pressure
  • The highly durable, polished stainless steel construction of the pump ensures a long service life
  • Set comes with two stoppers, so you can preserve two bottles of wine at once