MSC International Silicone Ice Stick Tray

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MSC International Silicone Ice Stick Tray
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Ice Stick Trays

Features of the MSC International Silicone Ice Stick Tray:

  • Unique silicone Ice Stick Tray which produces long and slim ice cubes ideal for adding ice into narrow drink bottles to immediately cool the beverage – no need to pre-freeze the drink
  • Flexible and durable silicone tray enables instant, easy release of the ice cubes from tray
  • Includes a well-fitted, hard plastic cover to minimise the risk of spillage and keep the ice fresh, while preventing the ice from becoming contaminated or absorbing other food smells
  • Tray conveniently shaped with easy-hold carry handles on each side for easy transportation
  • Also suitable as a mould for chocolate, jelly, cake making and more
  • Makes 9 ice sticks
  • Stain-resistant and odour-resistant and completely free of BPA and other nasties