MOR Rosa Noir Triple Milled Soap

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MOR Rosa Noir Triple Milled Soap
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Rosa Noir

Hypnotic rays of floral elegance are captivated in the MOR Rosa Noir Triple Milled Soap. Blending rich Shea Butter and Vitamin E in a vegetable base, the velvety lather indulges and moisturises skin. Features: Soap is Triple-Milled which means it’s refined three or more times through a heavy duty roller mill. This crushes the soap crystals into a fine paste – making their lather much smoother, creamier and more luxuriant than normal soaps. Rich in Shea Butter for superior moisture Contains Vitamin E to improve the skin texture and moisture content Contains Glycerin to help improve, protect and hydrate dry skin The soap is intricately embossed This product is not tested on animals