Hilton Luxury Mattress Topper

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Hilton Luxury Mattress Topper
Hilton Luxury Mattress Topper
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Make the most time of your time in bed with Hilton's Luxury Mattress Topper. The down-like cluster puff fibre fill is so comfortable and supportive you will think you are sleeping on a new pillow top mattress. Thousands of memory-resistant microfibre clusters move and conform to your body, providing you with an incredible night's sleep. This luxury mattress topper is fitted with a 300 thread-count soft brushed cotton top made from hypoallergenic fibres. The deep fit super stretch bed glove skirt tightly grips your mattress for a secure fit up to 45cm. From now on, you will sleep comfortably on a lofty cushion of softness that supports your every move.