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Some of the popular questions we receive from our customers:


Q: There is no "Add to Cart" button on the product page. How do I add this item to my cart?

A: If the product is out of stock, then only the "Add to Wishlist" button will be visible and you won't be able to add the item to your order until it is restocked again.


Q: What does it mean when my order status is set to "Awaiting Fulfillment"?

A: This is the default status after your order has been submitted successfully. It means your order is waiting to be picked, packed and labelled.


Q: What does it mean when my order status is set to "Awaiting Shipment"?

A: It means your parcel(s) have been packed and are awaiting collection by the courier company.


Q: Will I get a tracking confirmation number with my order?

A: Yes, once your order has been collected and dispatched we will email you a tracking confirmation number so you can monitor the progress of your delivery. If your parcel has been dispatched by Australia Post, they will also email you with an ETA for the delivery of your consignment.