Cuisena Milk Frothing Thermometer 44mm

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Cuisena Milk Frothing Thermometer 44mm
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Milk Thermometers

It is important to get the temperature of the milk right to get the best flavour out of your coffee. With Cuisena's Milk Frothing Thermometer, it's easy to monitor the temperature of your milk, just clip the thermometer securely using the mount onto your jug and watch the dial turn until it reaches the red coloured band to indicate optimum temperature (65ºC - 70ºC). Cuisena Hint: It is important to measure the temperature of milk (70°C is ideal) while frothing to ensure it is not scalded, which will spoil the taste. Light milk or a mixture of light and full cream milk produces the best froth for your cappuccino. Each Cuisena product comes with an unconditional guarantee against faulty materials or manufacturing defects. Features: 44mm Face Heat resistant up to 100 degrees Clip mounts securely onto jug Coloured band indicates optimum milk temperature (65 - 70 degrees)