Cuisena Egg Separator

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Cuisena Egg Separator
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Separating egg whites is easy with Cuisena's Egg Separator. Just pour all of the egg's contents into the separator and let the egg whites run onto a bowl, leaving behind the yolk. The Cuisena Egg Separator also comes with a clip to latch onto the side of a bowl, making it easy to use. It's also dishwasher safe so it's also easy to clean. Cuisena Hint: Use 3 bowls to separate your egg whites. Separate the eggs over the first bowl, one by one, transferring the whites to the second bowl and the yolks to the third. This way, if you break a yolk, you haven't ruined the whole batch of whites. Save all the eggs with broken yolks to scramble or use in recipes where yolks and whites are beaten together.