Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Milkpan 14cm (0.9L)

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Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Milkpan 14cm (0.9L)

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Symmetry Chocolate

The Circulon Symmetry Milkpan 14cm (0.9L) is the ideal piece when you need the combination of superior non-stick performance, and the right size pan to heat liquids & create sauces.The Circulon Symmetry Milkpan comes in a chocolate colour, which looks stylish and will suit most kitchen decor. It comes with a silicone and cast stainless steel handles which are riveted for extra strength and oven safe to 200ºC. The base is made from impact bonded stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use on all cooktops including glass and induction. The whole pan is dishwasher safe as well.The milkpan is ideal for creating sauces because of its size, allowing liquids to heat but being able to control the amount of evaporation.The Circulon Symmetry range combines their Total® Food Release System (Circulon's Hi-Low Wave technology) with Dupont non-stick coating for the ultimate non-stick experience during cooking. The Hi-Low wave technology are the rings or circles in the pan that makes the food release more easily than a conventional non-stick surface. Features: Induction Suitable Stainless Steel Blades Total® Food Release System Dishwasher safe Hard anodized Oven-safe stainless steel Silicone Handles