Bohemia Crystal Sierra Wine Goblet 240mL (Set of 6)

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Bohemia Crystal Sierra Wine Goblet 240mL (Set of 6)

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The world renowned Bohemia Crystal produces one of the finest glasswares in the Australian Market today. All products are hand made from Czech Republic, the Bohemia Crystal features a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs that no one else comes close, adding style and uniqueness to your home decor. The 6pc set of Bohemia Crystal Sierra Wine Goblets 240mL will instantly transform elegance and timelessness onto any table settings or yours. Great for all sorts of red wine. The delicate crafted criss cross wedge design complements with the sparkle from the crystal glass, bringing out the most of your pleasant wine drinking experience. Description: Set includes 6 pieces of 200mL wine glass Made from 24% Lead Crystal