Bodum Bistro Sauce Pot (Red)

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Bodum Bistro Sauce Pot (Red)
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Sauce Pots
The Bodum Bistro Red Sauce Pot is the perfect solution to preparing the world's best marinade and getting more of it on the food than your counter. You make the marinade directly in the pot, and the fitted lid makes storing any leftover marinade as simple as putting the pot in the fridge. The lid, with its long handle, actually doubles as a brush, making it simpler than ever to keep your brush and marinade handy while you grill. No more spilling marinade on our way out to the grill; no more searching in vain for somewhere to put your messy brush. The Bodum Bistro Sauce Pot is made from borosilicate glass, plastic and stainless steel. The handle and band around the glass are made of silicone, making it slip-proof even when touched with oily hands.