Summer Limited Edition fragrances from Ecoya

Summer Limited Edition fragrances from Ecoya

Posted by Homes N Things on Sep 27, 2017

To complement the relaunch of their signature range, Ecoya has released 4 exciting Summer limited edition fragrances that capture the delicious variety of fragrances available in our surrounding regions.

The new fragrances draw inspiration from the beauty and heritage of the Australasian region.

Aquamarine & Sandalwood is reminiscent of an Australian summer, light floral elements are infused with the crisp saltiness of the sand and sea to reflect the essence of early morning swims and the salty ocean air.

Sun-kissed Lime & Sea Salt represents a Bali summer, where sparkling citrus and sage combine with a bass of moss, patchouli and sandalwood to transport you to a balmy Balinese evening by the beach.

Salted Coconut & White Jasmine brings the aromas of a South Pacific summer while Coastal Kowhai & Fig features heady top notes of lush New Zealand greenery, a heart of jasmine and fig, and a base of coastal cedarwood and kowhai to evoke fond memories of New Zealand summer days.

These 4 captivating fragrances are available now in both a 50mL mini diffuser and a 400g madison candle.

NOTE: Quantities are limited and will be discontinued once stock runs out