Anolon Nouvelle Copper 31.5cm French Skillet

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Anolon Nouvelle Copper 31.5cm French Skillet
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Nouvelle Copper
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Anolon Nouvelle Copper, the latest addition in its range, now combines the excellence of hard-anodised aluminium with copper technology, to offer exceptional heat distribution and induction suitability to its high-performance cookware. The double full cap base now features an aluminium layer encapsulated with copper, and an impact-bonded magnetized stainless steel cap, so your Anolon pans heats up quickly and evenly, making it perfect for searing meats and cooking on low to medium for the perfect result. The Anolon Nouvelle Copper cookware range also features Dupont Autograph2® coating for superior non-stick performance and hassle-free food release. And of course, Anolon's Nouvelle Copper is designed with hard-anodized aluminium, twice as hard as stainless steel to provide your cookware with optimum strength. The Anolon Nouvelle Copper 31.5cm French Skillet is a classic must have in any kitchen. Its versatile functionality allows you to prepare foods from delicate scallops to pan-fried vegetables. The copper core double full cap base paired with durable restaurant tested Autograph2® nonstick ensures even heat distribution, enduring food releasing performance and easy cleaning.